What we think?

Working today for a greener tomorrow

Orange Renewable is promoted by entrepreneurs with experience in developing power projects. Whilst the company has been engaged in the development and management of projects across the renewable energy spectrum, it is now focused on achieving a much larger bandwidth in Solar and Wind energy.

The company is driven by a dynamic team of over 100 individuals with expertise in project development, capital mobilization, contract awards & management, project management and power plant operations.

  • Core Values

    Sustainable Development

    • Driven by Integrity in all our relationships
    • Transparency in all our actions
    • Holistic approach to sustainablity

    People and Environment
    We will ensure that our approach to business always factors a holistic sustainability vision – which includes but is not limited to:
    • Bettering the lives of the communities we operate in
    • Being socially responsible
    • Being environmentally responsible
    • Being transparent

    Lead through Innovation and Technology adoption across business functions and community initiatives.

  • Vision & Mission

    To become one of the leading clean and renewable energy companies by providing sustainable energy solutions through deployment of technology and innovation in a socially responsible manner.

    Drive strategy and operations through cutting edge technology, deploy innovative and collaborative project structures and always ensure inclusion and growth by for our stakeholders and communities alike.