Our Recruitment Policy

Hiring talented, highly motivated & dynamic people

  • Hiring Practices

    We believe in giving a fair and equal opportunity to all applicants and as such we have inculcated a thorough process of selecting individuals to join the team at Orange. These processes help us in determining our requirements, defining specifics for the role and also identifying the optimal talent for acquisition. Candidates profiled for any particular opening are called in for further evaluations which include:

    • Psychometric test for best fit
    • References and past experience evaluation
    • Medical evaluation
    • Professional proficiency

    Orange maintains a clear guideline on equal opportunity for all and no tolerance for discrimination based on gender, race or caste . Orange also follows a strict zero-tolerance policy on any activity by employees resulting in a negative impact on the image of Orange Renewable.

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  • Our Culture

    Orange Renewable maintains the highest standards for itself as an employer and expects nothing less from our employees as well. We strive to create a conducive culture for our employees to work closely together to achieve our common objective of creating wind and solar power projects of utmost quality, contribute to the upliftment of society and achieve our Vision for a greener tomorrow!